Now AI is getting integrated with website builders. Yes, DIVI has launched their all-in-one website builder for WordPress? This detailed Divi Ai Review will cover how Divi has incorporated artificial intelligence into its theme builder to help customers.

Nowadays, AI has been introduced in almost every field to make things easier and more user-friendly. So by following this new trend, Divi has also introduced its own product Divi AI, a powerful text and image generator built inside Divi, using which users can create fantastic images and write exciting content.

Furthermore, using Divi AI, users can improve their existing website effortlessly. It is a unique tool conveniently accessible in the Visual Builder and also understands Divi, analyses the user’s website, and eventually creates better content.

What is Divi AI?

As mentioned earlier, Divi AI is a powerful AI tool that can write engaging content, generate fantastic images, and also improve users’ websites as per the requirements. Divi AI can write content and create images directly inside the builder, another excellent advantage of this AI tool.

This AI tool is directly integrated into Divi so users can incorporate the AI technology with Divi’s all elements, including Divi Themes, Divi Builder, and Divi plug-ins. Divi AI also gives users access to the AI assistant that always offers suggestions and eventually tries to improve the overall content of a website.

Now we will move into the next segment of this informative article, where we will highlight the main features of Divi AI.

Divi AI Review 2023: Why is it going to change everything?

Generative AI is seriously changing everything around you. Especially in the Digital world, there are so many useful AI tools around you that will make your work easy and save time.

Let’s find out what exactly you will get with this DIVI AI theme builder.

Divi AI Image Generator: Instant Image Creation

Divi AI is an intelligent tool, so with just a single click, this AI tool creates images for the user’s website. Divi AI analyses the webpage and the actual context of the image within the website and eventually generates something highly relevant on demand.

  • What It Does: The Divi AI Image Generator revolutionizes content creation by automating the design process. Gone are the days of manual brainstorming and design edits.
  • How It Works: Simply describe your envisioned image. Divi AI brings your concept to life in moments, presenting four unique variations.
  • Customization: Want to tweak your choices? The generator empowers users to refine image styles from vectors, photos, digital paintings, and beyond. The results? High-quality, realistic visuals that captivate and impress.

Divi AI Text Generator: Effortless Writing

Divi Ai allows users to auto-generate images, text, or even entire modules with the help of a single click. This AI tool analyses the existing content of the user’s website and then, based on that analysis, recommends what content the user should add next to the website.    

  • What It Does: Creating content can be challenging, but Divi AI Text Generator streamlines it. Transform ideas into words seamlessly.
  • How It Works: Answer the straightforward prompt, “What are you writing about?”, and witness as Divi crafts text tailored to a specific page or your entire website.
  • Benefits: Overcome writer’s block and ensure consistent, quality content across your platform.

Divi AI Image and Text Editor: Advanced Editing Without The Hassle

This exceptional AI tool allows users to modify or refine an existing image. Furthermore, users can even completely change the current image’s subject matter while retaining the style and composition.

  • What It Does: Editing, typically demanding and intricate, becomes a breeze. This tool elevates generated images without complex software.
  • Key Features: Easily adjust backgrounds, modify compositions, and amplify overall image quality—all within minutes.
  • Bonus: These royalty-free images aren’t just professional-grade; they’re uniquely tailored for your site, ensuring you stand out.

Divi AI Automatic Generator: Contextual Content Creation

  • What It Does: This AI-driven feature understands your site and produces content that aligns seamlessly.
  • How It Works: Define your desired content type, designate its place on your site, and adjust its tone. Divi AI then scans your site, producing content that’s on-brand and relevant.
  • Benefits: Achieve cohesive branding and benefit from strategic keyword integration. With Divi AI’s expertise, improve your site’s SEO and elevate its ranking in search results.

Divi AI Multilingual Feature: Go Global Easily

  • What It Does: Expanding your global reach has never been simpler. Divi AI translates and localizes, saving you effort and ensuring accuracy.
  • How It Works: Opt from 26 diverse languages. Divi AI overhauls your content with a single selection, preparing it for an international audience.
  • Benefits: Enhance user experience with a website that speaks your audience’s language, literally and figuratively. Improve engagement, boost conversions, and assert your brand globally.

Divi AI’s Accessibility: User-Friendly Design Tool

With the help of Divi AI, users can generate AI content inside Divi’s Visual Builder in real-time. As a result, users can generate AI text and images on the fly while designing the webpage. It is much more convenient than jumping back and forth using other third-party AI tools.

  • What It Does: Divi AI is a game-changer for novices and pros, democratizing website design and development.
  • Ease of Use: Feeling lost? Dive into Divi’s comprehensive tutorials, crafted to guide users effortlessly through the AI website builder’s capabilities.
  • Availability: Divi AI isn’t an add-on—it’s an integral feature. It’s embedded into Divi’s Visual Builder and accessible in the Divi Module or any Divi element. You’re already equipped if you’re on WordPress with Divi Theme or Divi Builder.

Divi Ai Pricing Review 2023 (How Much Does It Cost?)

First and foremost, to utilize Divi AI, a person must have a Divi membership. So, in this section, first, we will discuss the pricing structure of Divi before discussing the pricing structure of Divi AI.

Elegant Themes Pricing:

Divi has a simple pricing structure where users get two separate pricing plans: yearly and lifetime. Users can avail of the annual plan by investing $89/year, while on the other hand, the lifetime membership of Divi costs $249.

Pricing Structure of Divi AI

The Divi AI comes with two different pricing plans, including the monthly and the yearly plan. The annual pricing plan costs $14.40/month, while the monthly pricing plan of Divi AI costs $19.20/month. If users go for the yearly pricing plan, they will get a 40% discount, while the monthly pricing plan offers a 20% discount.

DIVI Ai Discount & Coupons 2023

Good news for website enthusiasts! Elegant Themes has just released a new application, and to celebrate, they’re offering a generous 40% discount on their famous DIVI AI website builder. If you’ve ever thought about building a website with the power of AI, now’s the perfect chance. But don’t wait too long; this special offer ends on August 15, 2023.

30-day money-back guarantee policy

Like all other elements of Divi, Divi AI also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this reason, if users don’t like the services of Divi AI, they can give up the services within the first 30 days to get back the entire invested amount.

DIVI AI Customer Support Review 2023

If users face any issue while using Divi AI, they can contact the support staff of Divi using the 24/7 live chat support facility. However, to utilize the 24/7 live chat support facility, a person should be an active member of Elegant Themes.

Furthermore, users can also seek help from the support agents through email. To seek help through email, users must raise a ticket mentioning the problem they face while using Divi AI. The support staffs of Divi are incredibly efficient, and hence most of the time, they come up with an appropriate answer.

DIVI AI Pros and Cons (Quick Review 2023)


  • It can write any content within a few seconds.
  • This tool can automatically generate text and images with a single click. 
  • It helps users to refine or modify an image as per requirement.
  • The pricing plans of Divi AI come with a 30-day refund policy.  
  • Both the annual and monthly plan of Divi AI offers unlimited text generation and unlimited image generation feature.


  • Users require a Divi membership to use Divi AI.
  • If users face any issue while using Divi AI, they cannot contact the support staff via telephone.

DIVI AI Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the pricing plan of Divi AI comes with a refund policy?

Yes, both the annual and monthly plan of Divi AI comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result, if users don’t like the services of Divi AI within the first 30 days, they can give up the service to get back the entire invested amount.

What languages does Divi AI support?    

Divi AI supports more than 95 languages. However, users must write their prompts in English while creating any image. 

Does the annual and monthly plan of Divi AI offer any discount?

Yes, if users go for the yearly pricing plan of Divi AI, they will get a 40% discount, while the monthly pricing plan offers a 20% discount.

Conclusion: Is DIVI Ai Worth It?

divi ai review
divi ai review

As promised at the beginning of this review article, we have given a detailed review of Divi’s new product Divi AI, a powerful AI tool to write engaging content, generate fantastic images, and improve users’ websites as per the requirements.

So, readers should thoroughly review all the sections of this article and eventually utilize Divi AI in the best possible way.

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