Looking for StellarWP Black Friday Deals 2023? Well, StellarWP is not a product, rather this is a platform where you will find many popular WordPress plugins and themes. One of them is the most popular WordPress theme, Kadence theme.

In this post I will elaborate every single product from StellarWP and their Black Friday deals. But before that here is a quick detail for StellarWP Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023.

PluginRegular PriceBlack Friday Discount
iThemes $99/year for 1 site40% off
The Event Calendar $99/year for 1 site40% off
Restrict Content Pro$99/year for 1 site40% off
KadenceWP$129/year for 1s year40% off
GiveWP$149/year starting40% off
IconicWP$299/year for 1 site40% off
LearnDash$199/year for 1 site40% off
Orderable$149/year for 1 site40% off

What is StellerWP? List of WordPress Plugins & Themes

If you don’t know what StellerWP is, it is a Liquid Web’s Umbrella brand that develops WordPress plugins backed by many innovative developers. StellerWP already has many handy WordPress plugins such as iThemes, Kadence, Restrict Content Pro, etc.

  1. iThemes 
  2. The Event Calendar 
  3. Restrict Content Pro
  4. KadenceWP
  5. GiveWP
  6. IconicWP
  7. LearnDash
  8. Orderable

StellarWP Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Almost all of StellarWP’s products offer the same discount during the same time frame. We’ll include a few exceptions below, but unless otherwise stated:

  • Available Now – Nov 29 (a few go through Dec 1)
  • 40% off all versions of all products
  • Most discounts will be applied automatically, check details below.
  • Products renew annually at the original price (not the discounted price)

The Kadence theme is the main exception to this, which we’ll talk about below.

1. LearnDash Black Friday – 40% OFF

If you want to create an online course, then LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins out there. LearnDash provides a flexible learning management system for any sized endeavor. LearnDash transforms your WordPress site into a powerful learning management system (LMS). In minutes you can create & sell courses, track user progress, deliver certificates, award points & badges, and so much more! If you are serious about offering online courses, then LearnDash is the WordPress LMS plugin for you.

Here are the details of LearnDash Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off the LearnDash plugin
  • 40% off LearnDash Cloud (plugin + hosting)
  • 40% off ProPanel, LearnDash’s reporting add-on
  • Sale ends November 29
  • Coupon code:

2. Kadence Black Friday – 40% OFF

Kadence is the #1 WordPress theme right now. With the help of Kadence Starter Templates one can easily create a stunning website in just few minutes. With Kadence Pro you will get access to many such ready to use templates. Kadence is also one of our top-rated LearnDash themes.

Here are the details of Kadence Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • Discount automatically applied.
  • Sale ends November 29
  • 40% off annual bundles
  • 40% off a la carte options
  • 25% off early renewals
  • $499 lifetime deal

3. Restrict Content Pro Black Friday – 40% OFF

Restrict Content Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that enables users to create membership sites and manage content within a few clicks. There’s also a free version, but it’s almost unrecognizable when its functionality and quality are compared to the premium version.

Here are the details of Restrict Content Pro Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off all plans
  • Sale ends November 29
  • Coupon code: bfcm22

4. The Events Calendar Black Friday – 40% OFF

If you are looking for a plugin which will provide solutions for ticket sales, attendee management & email marketing for your events, then you must grab this one. With The Events Calendar one can easily set up their own events, sell tickets, and filter events.

Here are the details of The Events Calendar Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off all new purchases
  • Lock-in 20% off annual renewals
  • Coupon code: bfcm22

5. GiveWP Black Friday – 40% OFF

GiveWP is the perfect online fundraising platform to increase your online donations, manage donors, and gain insight on your effort — all from directly within your WordPress website. Easily create donation pages using the most powerful WordPress donation plugin. GiveWP provides you with an intuitive way to accept donations online through your own WordPress site with a variety of payment methods available in multiple countries.

Here are the details of GiveWP Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off all plans
  • Sale ends November 29
  • Coupon code: BFGT22

6. IconicWP Black Friday – 40% OFF

Iconic’s easy-to-use WooCommerce plugins work perfectly together, with any theme. Easy-to-use WooCommerce plugins that work perfectly together with any WordPress theme. Create a fast and profitable ecommerce store without any technical knowledge.

Here are the details of IconicWP Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off almost everything
  • All individual plugins are only $49
  • Sale ends December 1
  • All Access Club is $179 ($299)
  • All bundles are only $89 ($149)
  • Coupon code: bf2022

7. Orderable Black Friday – 40% OFF

Take online ordering to a new level with Orderable. Orderable is the Best Restaurant Plugin for WooCommerce without any doubt. You can easily take restaurant orders online with Orderable. The WooCommerce plugin designed to help you manage your restaurant, your way – with no added fees! There is a free version of Orderable, but you’ll get the most out of it by upgrading to the Pro version.

Here are the details of Orderable Black Friday Deals 2023.

  • 40% off the pro version
  • Sale ends November 28
  • Coupon code: bfcm22

Conclusion: Are StellerWP Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Worth?

stellerwp black friday cyber monday sale 2023
stellerwp black friday cyber monday sale 2023

And that concludes our list of all the StellarWP Black Friday deals for 2023. Without any doubt they have few popular products out of these lists of seven. But they did a fantastic job by creating WordPress plugins and themes around core problems.

Out of them I would say mostly people will run after the Kadence Black Friday Sale as this is the best fast loading WordPress theme so far. Feel free to share your thoughts on SteellerWP Black Friday Offers by writing a comment below.

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